The AI Waqf is a pioneering endowment institution dedicated to financing and developing the field of artificial intelligence. In collaboration with the "I Want" platform, the Waqf aims to support and enhance the AI sector by offering services that include training, developing smart applications, and holding scientific conferences, in addition to offering specialized diplomas and supporting scientific research in this area.



To lead and excel in the field of artificial intelligence globally by providing an ideal environment for training, scientific research, and the development of smart applications that serve the community and contribute to solving contemporary social challenges.



To empower individuals and institutions by providing the necessary resources, support, and training to advance the field of artificial intelligence and promote its use in serving the community and improving the quality of life.



Enhancing Training and Development: Offering advanced training programs to prepare individuals and train them on the latest technologies and methods in the field of artificial intelligence.

Supporting Scientific Research: Encouraging leading research and providing necessary support for researchers in the field of artificial intelligence.

Developing Smart Applications: Working on building and improving smart applications to serve various sectors and communities.

Holding Scientific Conferences: Organizing annual conferences that bring together experts and researchers to exchange knowledge and experiences in this field.

Launching Specialized Diplomas: Providing advanced educational programs to achieve excellence and leadership in the field of artificial intelligence.

Building an Expert Directory: Compiling a directory that includes a list of top experts to offer their services to researchers and those interested.

Addressing Social Challenges: Utilizing artificial intelligence in searching for solutions to contemporary social problems and challenges.

With our commitment to achieving this vision, mission, and goals, the AI Waqf is steadily progressing towards enhancing its position as a leading institution in the field of artificial intelligence, believing in the power of this field to create a better future for everyone.